Monday, July 29, 2013 - My New Latest Obsession

I discovered a few weeks ago when looking for a spot that I could review a Dyson vacuum.  I didn't want to post on Amazon or epinions as I wanted flexibility to upload my own images, add the product in question (it is an older model), and review the item in relative anonymity. 

Ripe Reviews seems to be a new site to the reviewing scene.  I find that the site is extremely addicting and fun to use.  There seems to be no limit as to what one can review.  After adding my initial Dyson review, I found myself lingering on the site for over an hour adding reviews to things like home improvement products, restaurants, and local spots.  I've since visited the site many times to review new products and peruse other's opinions.  Since there is virtually no limit as what can be added to review, the site becomes addicting very quickly.

Some of the site features I like the most are:
  • Product Showdowns - users can create virtually any product showdown for others to vote on the product they like best.  On a whim, I created one for Cheetos vs. Bacon.  (I voted for bacon.)
  • User Profiles and Rankings - Users can create their own profiles, see statistics relating to their posted reviews, comments, pros/cons, etc.
  • Site Leaderboards - This feature allows you to see the rankings of who has posted the most reviews, added the most pictures, and more!
I really enjoy the site and hope it takes off!  If you haven't visited the site yet, I highly recommend that you do -- it's the type of site that is so intuitive, fun, and easy to use, that I expect it to explode in popularity!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Intro to Crazy Savvy Chic

I've created Crazy Savvy Chic as an outlet to explore and let others know about my passions of bargain hunting, shopping, home improvement, cooking, and just about everything else.  Most of my blog posts will be product and site reviews with a few meandering thoughts.  I hope you will enjoy my blog and join me for the ride!